Tuesday, January 7, 2014

4 Great Uses for a Salvaged Wood Door

By Gretchen Sawatzki

What can you do with a salvaged wood door? Well, the possibilities are virtually endless, but here are 4 great uses for an old door to get you started. 

Ever consider building a new headboard for your master bedroom? Try using an old door. With a quick sanding and a can of paint, a salvaged wood door can make a real statement in the bedroom and open doors (literally) to amazing design possibilities. 

A traditional five panel door converted into a headboard.
Pining over your own bar for your new man cave? Well, you're in luck, because salvaged wood doors can help you achieve your new watering hole. With a couple old doors you can create a custom bar that will keep your friends drinking into the night. And for under a $100 each, you’ll save money when compared to conventional lumber of the same size. 

Need unique wedding decor? A salvaged wood door can make that happen too! With a little imagination and creativity an old door can add a touch of charm to that boring old wedding reception seating assignment chart. 

Looking to replace a door in your home? Consider using a salvaged, wood door. Solid wood doors are great insulators as they adapt to their climatic conditions. Birch, oak, and pine woods are great for interior doors while mahogany wood is a perfect choice for the exterior. Salvaged wood doors will save you money, provide quality in materials, and make you feel good knowing that you saved another item from the dump.

With these 4 uses for old salvaged doors you’re well on your way to rethinking was custom decor means. Looking for more uses for old doors? Click here to learn more.

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