Thursday, March 12, 2015

Why Old Windows Matter, Part 2

By Gretchen Sawatzki

Spring is the time to start those home projects and while replacement windows may have been on your mind this winter, take one second to reconsider.

Image by Hannah Manning
via Materials Unlimited

The National Trust for Historic Preservation advocates the preservation and maintenance of old windows for these 5 reasons:

1). Old windows provide information about the history of a building including its style and age

2). Windows made prior to the 1940s were made of locally sourced, old growth wood

3). Old growth wood is naturally more dense and durable than synthetics and is less likely to warp

4). Locally sourced wood in old windows is best suited to the local climate

5). Old windows fit the openings of the building they were made for better than replacements

If you're thinking about replacement windows, consider this: old windows are made of better materials, fit the openings in your home better than replacements, and with maintenance will last another 100 years.

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