Thursday, June 4, 2015

Historic Paint Palettes for Your Historic Home by Sherwin-Williams

By Gretchen Sawatzki

Historic houses are charming, beautiful buildings that tell warming stories of old, but far too often do historic homes appear drab from the curbside, and even worse, dull on the inside. With so many choices in paint colors, it can be overwhelming to the point of painting a Victorian Era home to a basic beige. Luckily, Sherwin-Williams has many solutions.

Founded in 1866 by Henry Sherwin and Edward Williams, Sherwin-Williams paints offered ready-to-use paints in an array of colors that found Victorians of the period applying all types of colors on the exteriors and interiors of their homes. Today, Sherwin-Williams offers even more paint options, and for those who want to stick tried and true to their home's historic roots offer several historic paint palettes sure to please.

The exterior paint collections including the "American Heritage" collection offer full-scale color palettes for the body of the home, trim, and even accents. You can't mess up the curb appeal even if you tried with these pre-selected palettes. Explore all their options in exterior paint and your home will never lack pizazz.

Two palette swatches from the "American Heritage" exterior paint collection
by Sherwin-Williams.

The interior paint options offer paint collections by period-style including, "Colonial Revival," "Arts & Crafts," and even "Late Victorian" colors. For those who have a Mid-Century home there is even the bright and funky modernists colors of "The Streamlined Years," and "Suburban Modern" series.

The "Suburban Modern" historic collection for more Modern tastes.

If color is what your historic home is lacking, check out these options by Sherwin-Williams. The palettes are indicative of the period that they describe and with colors like "Pink Flamingo," "Roycroft Adobe," and "Blue Peacock" what's not to love?


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