Thursday, June 11, 2015

Identifying Wood Types

By Gretchen Sawatzki

Ever wonder what type of wood your antique furniture is made of? Identifying wood grains can be rather challenging, use the chart below the next time you're wondering what your table is made out of and study your way to becoming a wood grain master. 

Every species of wood has its quirks and unique qualities that makes it suitable for specific uses. Wood species also fall into two major types, which dictate their applications: hardwoods and softwoods.

Woods harvested from trees that shed their leaves (also called deciduous trees). Hardwoods are just as their name implies; hard, and suitable for heavy construction and carving.

Woods harvested from trees that bear cones (also called coniferous trees) and are just as their name implies; soft, and suitable for exterior applications.

Infographic by Gretchen Sawatzki

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