Thursday, March 3, 2016

Photo Friday: Scenic Windows of the Arts and Crafts Period

By Gretchen Sawatzki

The Arts and Crafts Movement appeared in the United States during the late Victorian era (circa 1880 - 1910) as attitudes towards industrialization and mechanization began to change. While the Arts and Crafts Movement did not dictate any particular style, its intentional focus to move away from industrialization led to forms and designs inspired by nature.

Photo by Hannah Manning via Materials Unlimited

This inspiration translated across many mediums from ceramics, to weavings, paintings and more. Houses of the era also adopted more simplistic and natural forms - including those found in stained glass windows. Windows often depicted scenic landscapes, greenery, and floral designs - all meant to bring the beauty of the outside world in.

Photo by Hannah Manning via Materials Unlimited

These windows came in many shapes, sizes, colors and design variations that can easily translate to today's design aesthetics. If you're looking for that added charm, pop of color, or just plain nature, a stained glass window of the Arts and Crafts era is a great fit.

              The Metropolitan Museum of Art
              Victoria and Albert Museum

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