Wednesday, April 6, 2016

5 Tips to Create Your Own English Garden

By Gretchen Sawatzki

Copy the look of an old English garden by incorporating antiques and salvaged building elements into your backyard!

By Photography and Garden Design by Andrea Lynn Fisher,
 ( [CC BY-SA 3.0
( or GFDL
(], via Wikimedia Commons
1). Urns

Whether antique or a reproduction, cast stone or cast iron, urns have a simplicity about them that speaks to regality. Placed on a pedestal or alongside a stone path, urns are also a great place to plant your favorite annual flowers.  For great antique urns try your neighborhood antique store, or for modern reproductions try Campania International, Inc.
Plant your annuals in an antique cast iron urn for added color and charm.
Image by Hannah Manning for Materials Unlimited
2). Fencing

This may seem like a no-brainer, but fencing can add a certain look and feel to any garden. Used at the perimeter, a fence can create a cozy and private oasis in any backyard. To get the look of a traditional English garden try cast iron fencing or even hedges.

Antique cast iron fencing adds a touch of charm and whimsy
to any garden. Image by Hannah Manning via Materials Unlimited

3). Architectural Elements

Nothing screams traditional English garden like antique building elements. Bring a touch of old, rustic charm to your garden with building fragments, and old bits of historic buildings. Terra cotta roof tiles, ceramic blocks, and old stones or bricks add an authenticity that can't be matched.

Terra cotta building fragments make great garden accents.
Image by Hannah Manning via Materials Unlimited

4). Statuary

Create areas of interest in your garden with strategically placed statuary. To stick with an English garden theme use traditional lion statuary. The Royal Arms of England features a rampant lion, but you can go with any iteration of the animal that seems appealing.

5). Garden Furniture

To entertain in your English garden, you need a set of garden furniture. Cast iron furniture will hold up in most weather and requires little maintenance year-round. It also has a timeless charm that is warm and inviting to your guests.

Cast iron garden furniture adds the finishing touch and perfect entertainment space
to your English garden. Image by Hannah Manning via Materials Unlimited.

With these five simple tips on using antiques and architectural salvage to create your own English garden you can entertain afternoon tea with your friends! For more great garden ideas visit our online store!

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