Friday, May 13, 2016

Door Project: Installing a Beveled Glass Insert

By Gretchen Sawatzki

We love working on doors at Materials Unlimited, so when our restoration specialist got his hands on an unusually large 46 inch wide door, he couldn't say no. Order for day, refinish the oak door and install an antique beveled glass unit in the center light.

Door sits to dry after its stain and lacquer are applied.
Image by Charles Wiesner

After a new finish was painstakingly applied to the door, our refinisher added two coats of lacquer, sanding between each application. Lacquer not only gives the door a beautiful shimmer, but it also prevents water from penetrating into the wood grain. Lacquer is an easy way to maintain a protective finish to any wood surface.

A seal is added to the inside of the opening in preparation
for the glass inserts. Image by Charles Wiesner

Once the lacquer dried, the molding was prepped to receive the tempered glass and beveled glass units. A seal is applied to prevent drafts and to properly seat the glass units within.

Tempered glass insert added to the opening.
Image by Charles Wiesner

Next, the tempered glass insert is positioned within the prepared opening and the prepared to receive the beveled glass panel.

Shims between glass and wood.
Image by Charles Wiesner

Small wooden shims are placed between the glass inserts and the wood to prevent the glass from shifting.

Mitered corner of moldings.
Image by Charles Wieser

After the glass inserts are installed, the moldings are added using 1-1/4 inch finishing nails.  Our refinisher used high-quality moldings with perfectly mitered corners to create an effective seal and polished look.

Colored wax crayon covers the finishing nails.
Image by Charles Wiesner

Once the moldings were in place, our refinisher used a colored wax crayon to cover the nail heads. This trick will make those small nails completely invisible. To remove excess wax, apply a small amount of mineral spirits to clean up any stray marks or lines.

The end product.
Image by Charles Wiesner

With a solid installation of the tempered glass and beveled glass inserts, this door looks better than ever! This was a fun project for all of us at Materials Unlimited and hope that our customers will enjoy it for decades to come!

Door installed at the owner's home. Image by Anonymous Customer

For information regarding your custom door projects give us a call at 1-800-299-9462 or stop by our shop in historic downtown Ypsilanti, Michigan.


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