Thursday, August 25, 2016

Industrial Interior Design 101

By Gretchen Sawatzki

Industrial interior design is defined by the raw exposure of a building's inner-workings. Pipes, ventilation ducts, wood beams, concrete, and brick typify this design trend. For those bold enough to live in vast, echoing spaces among hard, dark surfaces, industrial design can be a creative cathartic outlet. For those who enjoy cozier, more cushy living, this trend can seem a bit cold and imposing.

Image Credit, Impressive Interior Design

If you like industrial interior design, but not sure if you can pull it off? Don't fret, because industrial interior design has a lot to offer. Not only can marry two design aesthetics seamlessly, it can also be applied to just about any living space. Furniture is the easiest way to add a touch of industrial interest to any living space.
Antique hardwood cabinets are great way to add industrial
warmth to any space
Image by Hannah Manning for Materials Unlimited

Antique industrial cabinets are an easy way to add a touch of industrial flare to any room. Look for something made of hardwood that can blend easily with existing furnishings. Wood cabinets are also a great way to inject warmth to an otherwise cold design style.

Industrial carts make the perfect coffee table
Image by Hannah Manning for Materials Unlimited

Get your hands on an interesting industrial cart. By positioning this as a coffee table in your living room, you can add interest to the room while also providing a functional place to put your cup of joe.

A repurposed industrial item makes a great light fixture
Image by Hannah Manning for Materials Unlimited

Repurposing something old into a funky light fixture is not only fun, but also a great way to get bare metal or even wood to look chic. The light fixture pictured here was crafted out of an old metal chimney sweep!

Experiment with found industrial objects and
find a new, unexpected, and fun way to reuse it
Image by Hannah Manning for Materials Unlimited

Don't be afraid to break the rules! Using found industrial objects is a creative way to express your love for the design trend without committing to a room entirely to the style.

Industrial interior design may seem like a cold, harsh trend, but with a little imagination and willingness to break the rules, even those who love comfy living can inject a bit of industrial interest into their favorite spaces.

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