Thursday, August 11, 2016

Our Bronze, Silver, and Gold Picks for Antique Lighting, Furniture, and Stained Glass

By Gretchen Sawatzki

In the spirit of the 2016 Summer Olympic games it only seemed fitting to present our bronze, silver, and gold picks for antique lighting, furniture, and stained glass categories. These Olympic-sized picks demonstrate the best in quality, manufacture, and design.

Our bronze antique lighting pick has it all, from its Beaux Arts design aesthetic, crisp brass casting, and decorative elements to its antique hand-blown shades. This light fixture from the early 1900s is well-deserving of its bronze medal status.

Our silver antique lighting pick is a big contender, with it's egg and dart pattern, cartouches, and antique gold aurene shades, it's hard to imagine that this light fixture didn't meet our gold standard.

And, finally our gold medal goes to this beautiful wrought and hammered bronze antique light fixture from none other than Tiffany! With over 50 stained glass pieces per panel, this small fixture packs a design punch worthy of gold.

The bronze winner in the antique furniture category goes to this antique Tudor style marble side table. Although petite in size, this table offers beautifully detailed carvings and a exquisite octagonal shape as stately as bronze itself.

Our silver antique furniture pick is as unique as it is hearty. With its solid rectilinear design and original leather upholstery, this armchair is a stunning and formidable contender that works hard for its silver medal status.

Lastly, our gold medal winner: our antique Chinese altar from 1850 is a beast of beauty and style. From its polychromed surface details to strong stance, this pick deserves nothing short of gold!

The stained glass winners demonstrate some of the best in the world, even our bronze pick. This beveled, stained, and jeweled glass beauty shows grace in form and execution.

The angelic imagery and gorgeous glow of our silver medalist combines color and artistry to create a one-of-a-kind antique stained glass window meant for grandeur.

And, finally the winner of the gold medal in our stained glass window category goes to the oversized painted and fired stained glass window depicting the wedding of Henry V of England and Catherine de Valois of France. This window symbolizes the coming together of two nations and signs of good will - all amazing qualities that embody the spirit of gold!

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