Thursday, January 19, 2017

3 Light Bulb Options for Antique Light Fixtures

By Gretchen Sawatzki

Light bulbs - sounds boring, but with all of the different bulb options available these days, you can really tailor a custom lighting look for any space in your home...which I find to be quite interesting. With online retailers like and, you're bound to find exactly what you want.

But, what if you own antique or vintage light fixtures and you want great light without distraction from the beautiful fixture? This "problem" can be a huge deterrent for lovers of antique light fixtures, who enjoy the classic look, but hate the problems of finding the right light bulb.

There are great bulb options out there, and to help you with your bulb whoas, I have compiled a few images of antique light fixtures with appropriate, readily available bulbs to inspire you.

Photo by Hannah Manning for Materials Unlimited

The Victorian Edison Bulb
- classic in design with its round glass casing, and available in 25, 40, and 60 watt options.

Pros: warm glow; works with almost any bare bulb fixture; classic design with historic accuracy
Cons: lower lumens = dim light

Photo by Hannah Manning for Materials Unlimited

Candelabra Bulb - sometimes referred to as "chandelier bulbs," these bulbs have a tapered design with flame-like tip, and come in an array of clear, frosted, or even filament bulbs

Pros: available from warm to cool light; easy to find with a "candle base" or "chandelier base"
Cons: can be hard to find with a "standard base"

Photo by Hannah Manning for Materials Unlimited

Frosted Bulb - round and frosted to diffuse light, great for bare bulb fixtures

Pros: soft light, low wattage
Cons: soft light can also mean dim light, hard to find with higher lumens

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