Thursday, February 23, 2017

Project Planning: Vintage Finds for Your Outdoor Living Space

By Gretchen Sawatzki

With the winter thaw fast-approaching and spring on its way it's time to change gears from indoor hibernation to outdoor relaxation. There's no better time than the present to start planning your outdoor spring projects, so why not include your outdoor living space in your project plans?

Mixing contemporary decor with antique and vintage items is a great way to add unique flare to your favorite outdoor living space. With many antique and vintage shops looking to clear their shelves for the new year, you can often find great deals on beautiful furnishings just before spring. Here are a few great antique and vintage items we found that are perfect for outdoor living.

Vintage outdoor garden bench. Photo by Hannah Manning
for Materials Unlimited
Outdoor Bench

It may seem obvious to include a bench in your outdoor living space, but it really is the perfect seating option. A stone garden style bench can hang out in the elements of all four seasons only needing a tarp to cover it in the winter months, this is the quintessential seating option. Worried about comfort? Add a couple of cushions with outdoor fabric for added touch of comfort.

Outdoor Table and Chairs

Again, this seems like another obvious pick for an outdoor living space, however table and chairs come in many forms to suit many needs. An antique or vintage cafe style table and chairs is a great outdoor option. Not only can eat your breakfast daydreaming that you're in a cafe in Paris, but you also get the vintage charm of a beloved classic design.

Antique cafe style table and chairs. Photo by Hannah Manning for Materials Unlimited

Antique Fence or Gate

Antique wrought iron fence. Photo by Hannah Manning for
Materials Unlimited
Nothing adds more charm to an outdoor garden than an antique wrought iron fence or gate. Available in many sizes and designs, you often find enough antique fence sections or a functioning gate to create the perfect partition for your outdoor oasis. When considering antique wrought iron, be sure to check for rust and properly seal the metal with a clear coat paint to protect it from water and ice.

Antique Wheel Barrow

Want something unique in your outdoor space that offers charm and an industrial element? Try displaying an antique wheel barrow in your outdoor space. They are a great conversation starter, can be repurposed into a flower pot or herb garden, or could serve as your outdoor bar cart. It's easy to locate old wheel barrows. If you can't find one at your local antiques store check flea markets or yard sales.

Antique primitive style wheel barrow. Photo by Hannah Manning for
Materials Unlimited
Found Objects

Want to add finishing touches on your outdoor space? Using found objects like architectural fragments, old stone statuary, and other metal objects. They are strictly decorative but all a nice touch where finishing touches are often left out.

Antique building fragment. Photo by Hannah Manning for Materials Unlimited

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