Thursday, April 13, 2017

Featured Product: Hunzinger Game Table

By Gretchen Sawatzki

Furniture of the Victorian era has always been considered some of the most decorative furniture ever manufactured, and in a time of mechanization, decorative furniture of this period has become ubiquitous.  In 1855, German immigrant and furniture maker George Jacob Hunzinger (1835-1898) began making furniture in New York City to the same tune as other furniture makers of the same era, but while he produced heavily decorative pieces, he became known for his innovative Renaissance Revival style furniture.

Armchair By George J. Hunzinger (Brooklyn Museum)
[No restrictions], via Wikimedia Commons

Drawing from period-style furnishings of the past and inspired by mechanization of his present, Hunzinger's innovations today could be considered its own category of furniture. By 1899, Hunzinger and his family had amassed some 20 patents including one for re-engineering the reclining chair among other original designs.

Hunzinger "lollipop rocker" image credit

Today, Hunzinger is best-known for his lollipop designs that use concentric circular carvings as the focus of decoration. Other popular furniture pieces include his innovative flip-top game tables that featured decorative inlay on one side of the table top and a gaming surface on the other, and a variety decorative chairs. To view more furniture by Hunzinger visit the Brooklyn Museum's online catalog for a wide array of Hunzinger chairs in their museum collection or check out our video of a Hunzinger game table patented 1893.

Video by Materials Unlimited

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