Thursday, October 26, 2017

Before and After: Oak Dining Table

By Gretchen Sawatzki

We've all bought things that we thought we could fix and use later. Sometimes we follow through and sometimes it takes several years to come to fruition. When our customer found an antique oak pedestal style dining table in pieces for a good deal with intentions to restore it, they never thought it would take five years to realize their vision.

The table top prior to restoration. Photo by Charles Wiesner.

With lots of parts missing and non-functioning, our customer's first inclination was to have a new leaf made to expand the table, but the leaf wasn't properly fitted in over five years! Lucky for us, these wonderful people brought their project to our restoration specialist; bringing us another fun challenge!

Damage to the pedestal required extra attention with gluing and stabilizing.
Photo by Charles Wiesner.

When the table arrived at our shop, it arrived in pieces. The table was missing castors, the top was tipsy, and the pedestal unstable. The first step to restoration was to install locks, levers, and shims so the table could properly open to receive the new leaf.

After installing the hardware, the new leaf was properly fitted.
Photo by Charles Wiesner.

After fitting the hardware and shims, the leaf was leveled to prevent an uneven surface. This required a lot of sanding and using a level. Then the leaf was fitted to match the existing table top.

After several stages of sanding, the finish was applied.
Photo by Charles Wiesner.

Next, the entire table was sanded in various stages before color-matching and staining. Minwax English Chestnut was the color finish of choice and after several applications with sanding in between, the table was good as new and ready for use!

The table after restoration. Photo by Charles Wiesner.

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