Monday, September 3, 2018

Antique Figural Table Lamps

Gretchen Sawatzki

When electricity made its way to most larger cities in the late 1800s, life in the Victorian period changed. Electric lighting allowed for longer work days and late night activities. Light fixtures of the same period also quickly changed from the standard gas jet fixtures to light fixtures that could receive light bulbs. Along with the new light fixtures came new interests in lighting design, which lead to the creation of high-end figural table lamps.

Figural lamp depicting  a farmer digging potatoes.
Original sculpture by Emily Bruchon, lamp titled,
"Agriculture, Par Bruchon," ca. 1880. Photo by HannahManning for Materials Unlimited.

These lamps often depicted a famous scene, mythical imagery, a famous person or event from the period. From ancient greek deities to cherubs and farmers, these lamps were a sign of wealth and disposal income in the post-Civil War America leading into the era of the first World War.

Figural lamp depicting a chariot scene, circa 1935.
Photo by Hannah Manning for Materials Unlimited.

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